418 - I'm a teapot


Let's keep this short ... (and stout)

To be honest, we haven't let the content writers or marketing team know about this page, it's our developer secret... we didn't even tell the designers so we can use a poor quality GIF...

We like to have fun at Brew, whether that is in the form of an easter egg, small app/game on someones birthday/leaving do, hating on social media data collection, or just generally mocking the state of most websites with all their pop-up confirmations and alerts.

Stay tuned

We have some big plans for this page in future, if we ever get time to finish it. For now, here is a Bruce Lee GIF, be water my friend!

be water my friend!

Most ridiculous things we have been asked to do

This is just a random list in no particular order of some of the crazy things we have been asked:

  • "Can you delete this persons post on social media where they have said I gave them bad service"
  • "Needs more WOW FACTOR" ...added .wow-factor class with font-size increase... "Perfect, thanks!"
  • "I know we don't have permission to use the data but can we send the email anyway?"
  • "Can we just grab an image from Google for this post?"
  • "There is something wrong with my website, it has been translated to Spanish or something?" ... We used Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.
  • Showing wireframes to client "This looks great, just one comment... aren't we using our colour scheme?"