Adrian Piwowarczyk


Adrian joined Brew to help complete our move to building Gatsby websites and platforms. Thrown in at the deep-end working on our biggest web project in the agency’s history, Adrian’s expertise across frontend and backend development helped successfully land the project.

Adrian was a late-starter into development, turning his hobby and passion for computers into a career. Thankfully, he’s a quick learner and, as a result of a host of computer science tutorials and some great job roles both in-house and freelance, it wasn’t long before he was fluent in technology such as JavaScript, React on front-end and Node.js and PHP on backend.

In work you’ll mostly find Adrian’s nose very much in code editor tool, Visual Studio Code and our project management tool, JIRA. Outside of work, it’s fair to say Adrian loves his gaming…and in particular fantasy games. When he’s not reading up on development topics and trends on Reddit, he’s immersed in games like Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft and Diablo.

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