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3 signs that you might be a… copywriter

Date 28.03.2019

Do you feel a little weird without a Word document open? Do you find any excuse to buy new stationery? Is one of your favourite phrases, “the book was better”. Sometimes, the signs for your dream agency job are there before you even realise you’d be good at it.

Here are 3 signs you might be a copywriter:

1. You love discovering new words…


Learning a word that you don’t know makes you feel all warm inside. You want to know what it means, how to spell it, and where it came from – meaning that you probably also spend a lot of timing digging into the history of words on sites like Etymonline.

Basically, you’ll learn whatever you need to know so that you might be able to casually slip the new word into your next conversation or email.

I’ll never forget the day I learned the word ‘petrichor’, meaning the pleasant smell after rain. It was a Tuesday.

You’ve probably also surrounded yourself with equally word-nerdy people, meaning you can enjoy spreading this new piece of knowledge and geek out on words together.

Does that sound like you? You might be a copywriter…

2. You have a desire to learn all the languages…


Whether a new language would help you do your job or not, you’ve always had a burning desire to learn another language (or two). If English is this good, who knows what else is waiting out there…?

You’re awestruck by the different ways of thinking behind the words and being able to understand the difference between a literal translation and an edited translation – like in a film or show with subtitles – excites you more than you’d like to admit.

If the owl from Duolingo – the language app – is shouting at you to get back to studying a new language right now, you just might be a copywriter.

3. You always write the best birthday cards…


No-one really wants to write their message next to yours in a birthday card, because yours are just too good. I know it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet here, and I kind of am, but it’s coming from a place of truth.

Even if you don’t know a person all that well, you’ll be able to turn that one conversation you had with them into a personalised birthday message – and failing that, you’ll work in a few birthday puns. Your tea might go cold while you think of the perfect message, but it’ll all be worth it. Plus, isn’t that microwaves are for?

So, if, like me, you find yourself excited at the thought of all the words out there still waiting to be discovered, you just might be a copywriter.

If you’re not really sure what your perfect role in a digital marketing agency would be yet, why not take our quiz? Grab a tea and take five.


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