SEO for hospitality 

Discover powerful SEO tactics to increase brand visibility 

We can increase the quantity and quality of search traffic to your hospitality website. 

The Brew SEO specialists will work with you to understand your current search performance and create a robust strategy that can be implemented by your team or ours. We're also well-versed in multi-location business models, so you're in safe hands if you're looking for local SEO.

SEO services

Keyword research 

We delve deep into market and competitor analysis to identify high-opportunity keywords and content tailored to your audience's needs. Our strategic approach extends to your website's architecture, where we organise content into logical, thematic groups to improve navigation and SEO performance.

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Optimised web & social copy 

Our expert writing team create compelling web copy that captivates and converts, ensuring each word aligns with SEO best practices to boost your site's visibility. We can also optimise your social media content, something we've been doing for our hospitality clients long before it became a trend!

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Link building 

Alongside our trusted SEO optimisation methods to ensure your website is the best it can be, we'll use content to spark meaningful conversations to engage the right audience at the right time. Digital PR, social campaigns, and influencer marketing are some of our tried-and-tested tactics for delivering quality backlinks.

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SEO audits

We monitor the performance of our SEO efforts through a solid measurement plan, which is mapped out and implemented before any work begins so it's clear what we're trying to achieve. Agreed KPIs tell us how you're performing against campaign goals and broader business objectives.

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SEO reporting

We use a suite of solutions to deliver reports that are heavy on insight but easy on the jargon. We use Google Analytics, SEMRush, Google Search Console, and Data Studio to produce reports that contain everything you need to understand your SEO performance, tailored to your business requirements.

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Optimised content plans

The insights from our auditing work guide the content we recommend you create. We collaborate closely with our content team to develop SEO-optimised content plans that consider keyword research, audience insights, your business objectives, and your brand's tone of voice.

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What our clients say 

Simran Sehmi
Simran Sehmi
Business Analyst, AAG

“General traffic of the site is increasing steadily within the first week of launch. Brew are also working with AAG with their PPC campaigning, which will guarantee an increase website traffic.”

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