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5 Ways We’re Giving Back This Christmas

Date 07.12.2022

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the warm, fuzzy feelings of the festive season, but it’s just as important to think of the people who may find this time of year harder than ever.

That’s why we’re trying something new this year… Our Season of Giving.

We’re giving up our office Secret Santa and giving back to the world and those less fortunate in five different ways instead, hoping that our efforts can make these heart-warming holidays a bit more special for someone who needs it.

1. Reverse Advent Calendar

This year, we’re kicking off with a Reverse Advent Calendar, which is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than receiving a little gift each day, we’re filling up a box with items that will be donated to the local Birmingham food bank.

Each time someone pops into the office, they’re bringing items to donate, including food, personal items, toys, and whatever they think will be most appreciated by families in need. Then, when the box is full, we’ll deliver it to the food bank.

Are you one of our clients? If you’d love to join our Season of Giving, simply bring your donation along to your next in-person meeting, drop them by our office, or give us a shout and we’ll even collect them from you!

Get involved.

2. Secret Santa alternatives

We’re swapping out our yearly Secret Santa presents and giving the team two ways to give back instead.

Secret Santa for Vulnerable Children:

Some of our team are supporting the Action for Children Secret Santa, where you can send gifts to vulnerable children, like:

  • Healthy breakfasts for a week (£5)
  • A day’s food for a child (£10)
  • Toys and books (£15)
  • A trip to the pantomime (£20)
  • A Christmas present (£25)
  • Warm winter clothes (£40)
  • A brand-new bed (£125)

Every single present has the potential to make a child’s day, week, or even entire Christmas!

Get involved in Secret Santa.

OR the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal:

This option sees people using their Secret Santa budget towards a specific present, which would be dropped off at one of the Salvation Army donation locations, ready to be unwrapped by a child who really deserves something waiting for them under the tree this year. Recommended presents by age group include:

0-3: Dolls, teddy bears, cot mobiles, baby clothes, bath toys, nursery rhymes, puzzles.
3-5: Dolls and action figures, cars, lorries, age-appropriate DVDs and CDs, colouring sets.
5-9: Educational games & toys, stationery, books, puzzles, wordsearch, crosswords.
9-12: Games and toys, stationery, DVDs, books, t-shirts, accessories, gloves, scarves, hats.
13-16: Books, make-up and toiletries (ideally non-allergic), gloves, scarves, hats, t-shirts, hair accessories and gift vouchers.

Get involved in SA’s Christmas presents.

3. Charity Scratch Cards for clients: Fun and charitable

Although we’re still sending our beloved clients a present this year, it’s going to look a little different… We’ll be sending charity scratch cards instead, which add a touch of fun and mystery to giving back.

Clients will scratch to reveal how their specific gift card will help a family in need this Christmas, giving them that warm and fuzzy feeling without any of the hard work. Everyone likes to give back – it’s as simple as that.

Send someone a charity scratch card.

4. Growable Gift Cards – giving back to the world!

Alongside their charity scratch cards, our clients will also be sent a gift card with a difference. From the incredible minds of the Seed Card Company, these sustainably-sourced gift cards are made to be “grown and not thrown” – they can be planted after reading to grow flowers, proving that giving back can be so much more than buying presents.

Give the gift of growable cards.

5. Increasing the volume of the Samaritans’ December suicide campaign.

With all the joy and togetherness that comes with Christmas, the season can be an equally lonely time for certain people, so we’re also raising awareness for the Samaritans’ Break the Silence about Suicide campaign throughout December.

You never know who may see a message of support that they really needed to see that day, and we’re honoured to share the Samaritans’ campaign for this important cause using their dedicated social toolkit.

Ready for the Season of Giving?

If you’re after the warm feeling that only Christmas charity can bring, join us in any of the activities listed above. Let’s make this Christmas a little easier and hopefully a lot more joyous for those in need.

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