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50 thoughts we’ve all had in meetings…

Date 03.08.2018

Some meetings can be amazing. They can bring the right people together in the right place at the right time to create something amazing. From a campaign brainstorm to a workshop, meetings can be pockets of productivity where everyone leaves knowing what to do next.

Then there are badly planned meetings. Meetings that didn’t really need to be meetings. Meetings that aren’t relevant to everyone in the room. Meetings with no clear direction or plan. These meetings are difficult for everyone involved.

We’ve all been in one of those kinds of meetings, and here are 50 thoughts we’ve had during:

  1. I totally forgot about this meeting.
  2. I hope we weren’t meant to prepare anything…
  3. Do I even need to be here?
  4. I need to go to the toilet already.
  5. Didn’t we already have this meeting?
  6. Instead of doing the work, we’re meeting about it… again.
  7. Oh no, they’re making us introduce ourselves. ABORT.
  8. I hope my voice doesn’t crack when I’m speaking…
  9. Everyone is looking at me.
  10. Who’s the new person? I think they dislike me already.
  11. Why did I choose this outfit?
  12. Too late. Time to look engaged.
  13. I have no ideas to suggest, but I need to say something.
  14. Oh wait, I have an idea. I’ll wait for a lull in the conversation…
  15. I missed it.
  16. It’s okay, I’ll send it in an email afterwards.
  17. I forgot the idea.
  18. Is anyone going to offer us a drink? I’d love a tea, if anyone is wondering.
  19. Is it rude if I go and make my own?
  20. If I hear someone say GDPR one more time
  21. Are we talking about cookie policies again?
  22. Cookies are nice.
  23. Is that plate of biscuits for anyone to take?
  24. I need someone to take a biscuit first so that I know it’s okay.
  25. I love biscuits.
  26. I’m hungry.
  27. The hash brown really is the ultimate brunch ingredient.
  28. *stomach growl*
  29. I hope no-one heard that…
  30. Okay, focus…
  31. Everyone else is taking notes. Should I be taking notes?
  32. I should have probably been listening to that.
  33. Oh wow, this person can really own a room. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that.
  34. Are we debating how food offers makes you feel? Good. They make me feel good.
  35. I should go to the gym after work.
  36. But then what should I have for dinner? Probably not the time.
  37. Wait… are my eyelids getting heavy?
  38. *blink* *blink* *blink*
  39. I’ll just keep sipping my water. That’ll wake me up.
  40. Oh no, not this guy. He’s so monotone. I can feel myself slipping. Stop talking.
  41. Did I just say that out loud?
  42. Okay… I’m awake. I can do this.
  43. I have no idea what I’m doing here. If anybody asks me a question, I might die.
  44. I’m still getting emails. Isn’t everyone in this meeting? Who is emailing me right now?
  45. I wonder if everyone else is as ready to leave as I am.
  46. Is that a summary slide? Are we finishing? Try not to look too happy about it.
  47. I may not have added value to this meeting, but I’ll get the next one.
  48. This could have all been said in an email.
  49. I just got another meeting invite…
  50. No-one deserves this.

See how difficult that was? Recognised a few of these thoughts yourself? Make sure no-one is having these thoughts in your meetings and check out the magic of ‘Planning and structuring effective meetings’ from SkillsYouNeed.

We’ve got to dash – a meeting is about to start.

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