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A hop, skip and a jump to the Custard Factory for Brew

Date 17.10.2019

After a disgusting amount of offices viewed over the last couple of years and a fair bit of dilly dallying to say the least, we managed to prize our way out of the Big Peg this week into our new gaff at the Custard Factory.

It’s funny to have deliberated over an office for so long as ten years ago, when the business started, we all worked from home as there was no office.

Whilst working from home (or the nearest place that sells good coffee) isn’t unusual for a start-up, we maintained this remote model for a good few years when we were established with a significant employee base. More on that story here.

It actually felt very progressive, particularly at that time, and it was certainly something we contemplated moving back to with this move. However, we weighed up the pros and cons and made the decision to create a Hub, a studio which would form our base here at the Custard Factory.

We’ve always maintained a flexible working model, with the Brew family dotted in various locations around the country and even Midlands-based staff given the option to work from home, a café or shared office space if they want / need to. The Hub was therefore the logical next step for us as an agency.

We’ve loved our time in the Jewellery Quarter and will really miss it. However, to friends we’ve met in the JQ, this isn’t the end. We are but a mere 1.5 miles away and the kettle will always be on.

For those of you in the Custard Factory, please do drop by and say hi. We’re looking forward to meeting our new neighbours.

…and for those of you not in either of those places, we’re looking forward to showing off our new home.

Studio 414, Greenhouse
Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4AA

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