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Father’s Day Marketing for Pubs and Restaurants

Date 27.04.2023

We all know that Father‘s Day presents a huge sales opportunity for the hospitality industry but marketing for this key event needs to be treated a little differently.

For one, the timing of Father’s Day celebrations tends to be later in the day with 67% of diners planning to go out for an evening meal (as opposed to brunch or lunch for mum). Themes and activities are also a bigger focus for Dad’s with food or drink-themed gifts or hobbies coming in to play.

So, let’s look at some engaging digital marketing ideas for Father’s Day to help bring customers into your hospitality business on Sunday 18th June.

Run a competition

We’ve talked many times about the power of social media competitions as a way to help grow your following and generate more interactions on social media. A simple family Father’s Day meal for 4 and some gift cards for runners up is the perfect prize but try and make your mechanic a little more exciting.

How about asking followers to reveal the best dad joke their father has ever told or why they would nominate him for Dad of The Year? Outline the terms of your prize when you launch and pick a random winner to make it fair for everyone.

(By the way, our best dad joke… ‘I gave all my dead batteries away. They were free of charge.’ No? Come on, it’s hilarious!)

Games and quizzes

A great Sunday Father’s Day lunch is sure to satisfy dads but to stand out amongst businesses in your local area, why not make it more memorable and introduce a family quiz or (if you have a garden) an outdoor games tournament. Of course, consider your clientele and what suits the personality of your restaurant or pub – if low-key dining is your vibe then a blow-up boxing ring won’t be right for your guests.

Get the conversation going on your social channels in the run-up to Father’s Day by revealing your key quiz topics and use socials during the event by asking guests to find an answer hidden somewhere on your Instagram or Facebook page.

Similarly, you can show the set-up for your outdoor activities before the day and share content from the games themselves with funny footage and a short interview with the winner.

Swag bags for dads

Whilst creating a special menu or dish can often create conversation around key dates, why not consider a swag bag for Father’s Day? Present dads with gifts of treats from local brands such as bottles of beer, pub snacks and merchandise you may have on hand.

Again, talk about it in your email and social marketing and post pictures before the day as a teaser of what’s in store for customers.

A bluesy brunch

Music is another way to offer something extra and engage families on Father’s Day. Opt for a bluesy Sunday morning brunch or Latin jazz lunch (you get the point) and if live music is an option, then even better!

Before the event, let your followers know that you’re preparing a playlist and ask for song recommendations. For anyone who can’t attend the event, put together a Spotify playlist so they can listen at home.

If you’ve booked a live band then share video clips of their previous performances and get people excited about what’s to come.

Create heartfelt content

Father’s Day has become synonymous with sport, music, beer, cars and all the things we typically think of when it comes to dads. To really standout, get a little sentimental and talk about the nurturing, supportive and emotional side of fatherhood.

Create short videos of your staff talking about the core memories they have with their own dads (if they’re willing) and how much they appreciate their father. Get a conversation going on social media with funny and heartfelt stories without the sales message. Nurturing ongoing relationships with your followers is worth just as much (if not more) than one visit for a Father’s Day meal.

Track and evaluate your marketing activity

We’re talking about it again – and that’s because it’s vital to evaluate which elements of your Father’s Day marketing plan are working for your hospitality business.

Track your traffic using this UTM builder and identify which channels, posts and assets have captured the minds (and pockets) of your audience.

Gift cards for Dad to treat himself

If you have gift cards available at your pub or restaurant, then remind your followers that they are a wonderful way to treat dad. You can even add extra value by offering customers an extra 10% on the amount purchased for all Father’s Day gift cards. Plus, they’re a sustainable option and simple to buy for those leading busy lives.

Need a helping hand with your digital marketing for Father’s Day?

Creative digital marketing is our forte so if you’re struggling to come up with ideas or implement them, please get in touch and let’s see how we can liven up your campaign and make it work for your hospitality business.

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