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How to: 5 email marketing tips

Date 24.02.2021

With a wide range of email-building platforms at your fingertips – including our very own brew.mail – creating marketing emails has never been easier.

However, just because email marketing has become easier, doesn’t mean the emails are guaranteed to be good. There are plenty of mediocre emails out there making it even harder for your emails to get the opens and clicks they deserve. So, we’re sharing our latest how-to blog: 5 email marketing tips.

1. Subject lines

Email marketing subject lines may feel like a simple place to start, but never underestimate the importance of an effective subject line. Did you know that 47% of people open an email based on the subject line? Ignore your subject line and you’re already losing about half of your potential readers and customers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for effective, engaging subject lines:

  • Make the contents of the email clear
  • Pair it well with your email’s preview line
  • Personalisation can increase open rate by 22%
  • Use emojis to liven up your copy, if relevant and on-brand
  • Segment by audiences – what will capture their specific interest?
  • Keep it concise – attention spans are limited, as are character limits

2. Bespoke landing pages

Creating a landing page for every email you send out may not be realistic, but timing the creation of a landing page with a big product or service launch can take your campaign’s effectiveness to new heights.

Bespoke landing pages for your email marketing could give you:

  • Highly-focused email content with key information and actions for the reader to follow – save anything extra for your landing page!
  • More space to share the benefits without cluttering up your email content – taking your readers on a full, informative journey from subscriber to customer or repeat customer
  • A place for SEO-rich content, improving your search rankings in specific industries or product niches
  • With more people visiting your website, you’ll likely also increase your email subscribers, making the power of your email marketing even greater

3. Reinforce your message across multiple channels

Humans like to think we’re pretty smart, but when it comes to things we might want, we couldn’t be simpler…

The more we see something (we might want), the more we want it.

Whatever your email marketing is trying to achieve, make sure your other channels are working towards the same goal. Wherever your potential customers go, you want them to be reminded that they’re only ever a few clicks away from making a great choice.

4. Test, test, test…

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again… Test your emails. All the time.

Different audiences like different things, and the more in-tune you are with their preferences, the more effective your email marketing can be. Here are just a few things you could test:

  • Subject lines: Length, personalisation, emojis, copy angles.
  • Frequency: How often should you send emails?
  • Time of day: When are your readers most likely to read emails?
  • Design: Image-heavy emails? Does colour affect engagement?
  • Copy: Newsletter-style emails or one short and sharp message?

We could go on all day, but we’d need a few fresh brews, so for now we’ll recommend our 5-step guide to email testing if you’re feeling tempted to test.

5. Website integration

You’ve already had a lot of information to take in, but this final point should make your email marketing easier and more effective in the long run without you having to lift a finger.

When you use a website platform that includes email platform integration as a key feature, you’ll benefit from a selection of integrations that connect your website fluidly with the goals of your email marketing:

  • Automatic welcome emails: When someone signs up to your website, they are instantly added to a journey of welcome emails
  • Automatic audience segmentation: Depending on where on your website they’ve signed up or information they’ve provided, your new subscribers could be immediately sorted into audience segments for targeted content
  • Lapsed guest: Specific incentives to reintroduce your brand, product, or service to a guest that hasn’t engaged with your content for a period of time
  • Automatic customer lifecycle management: When a customer performs an action, such as booking a table at a restaurant or buying a product, they are entered into an email journey, incorporating a wide range of timely, cost-effective triggered emails. For example:
    1. “Thank you for booking”
    2. “Rate your experience”
    3. “If you liked [product], you might also like this…”

In the mood to keep learning?

If you’re feeling enraptured by effective email marketing, you may also want to read our blog of 4 ways to check the pulse of your email marketing, proving once and for all that email is alive and well.

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