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Instagram launch IGTV

Date 29.06.2018


Positioned as their most exciting feature to date and aimed at content creators, Instagram have promised IGTV will be a new chapter of video for its users, but what is it exactly?

Well, it’s a new stand-alone app specifically for watching long-form, vertical video, encouraging all users to become Instagram creators. Users can create their own channel and upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long, with a one-hour video option that is currently limited to selected accounts. The only catch is that everything must be in a vertical format.

Content starts playing on the launch screen if you already follow someone or may even start playing based on your interests. You can also swipe up to discover more by switching between “For You”, “Following”, “Popular”, and “Continue Watching” sections.

What makes IGTV different to Instagram video is that it’s very much a mobile-first initiative, providing a platform that showcases full-screen, vertical content. There is also more focus on long-form content, ditching the one-minute limit.


Short answer… most video creators and users.

Instagram have made the transition painless with an IGTV logo located at the top of the Instagram home screen, sitting neatly by your direct messages.

Brands like Netflix, Nike, Buzzfeed, and Gucci are already using the new feature, testing a mixture of original video content or repurposed Instagram stories.

However, Bacardi took it one step further and incorporated a range of Instagram features by publishing a sponsored music video in collaboration with Les Twins, popular Instagram influencers, which directed votes in polls within their Instagram Stories. Their Instagram Stories are asking followers to vote on elements of the video, such as dance moves, lighting, location, and even the length of the video.

The results will be incorporated into their next Instagram Story and the final version will be posted to Bacardi’s and Les Twins’ respective IGTV channels.


Wondering why IGTV might be important for you? Three reasons:

  • It’s built for mobile, which is where we’re all consuming more content every day
  • Video content is continually growing in both popularity and effectiveness
  • One billion users are out there, waiting to see what new video content you have for them.


IGTV is not the only announcement from Instagram… As of today, a new video chat feature has been released. Users can now video chat with other users within direct messages by tapping on the video camera icon.

Up to four friends can join the chat at one time, plus you can minimise the chat screen and continue to scroll through Instagram, allowing for real-time commentary between you and your friends on all the latest celeb, influencer, and brand news. Talk about giving the people what they want…

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