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Meet our Digital Marketing intern, Adonia!

Date 16.05.2023

We hope you’ll join Brew in giving a warm welcome to our new digital marketing intern, Adonia Karikari. She currently studies marketing, advertising and PR at Birmingham City University and will be both learning from the more experienced team at Brew as well as bringing a youthful, fresh perspective to the office.

Here’s a few insights into the mind of Adonia and what she hopes to take from her time here at Brew.

She’s a self-starter!

‘I created my own influencer management business in 2020, which was the outcome of a VERY long lockdown. I worked a ‘solo-led’ agency for a while until a put it on pause to focus on my degree. I have also worked in Calvin Klein since the age of 16!’

A creative mind is a happy mind…

‘My creativity and ability to think outside the box can help come up with fresh and unique marketing strategies. I love how marketing allows creatives to think big with no limit on what they can create. Marketing is not only an important business tool but a personal one too, as it allows us to indulge our creative side in every possible aspect.’

Good communication is key!

‘The key to successful marketing is good communication with team members, clients, and customers. I have good written and verbal communication skills, which is effective when trying to build relationships of all kinds. I would love to work in accounts, management, production or social marketing!’

And finally!

‘I’m excited to gain the experience of the agency world right here in Birmingham! Brew seems like the best introduction to this for me due to its relaxed nature. I am just as excited to join Brew to learn more about the marketing side of an agency and deal with clients.

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