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Tea & Trends: 5 trends from May 2022

Date 27.05.2022

Kettle boiled? Check.
Ready to learn? Check.
Biscuits at the ready? Check. 

That’s how you know you’re back for another Tea & Trends. 

We’re bringing together some of the most impactful trends and updates in digital each month, so you don’t have to, putting a focus on one of our sector specialties: pubs and restaurants.  

Of course, these trends and tips could apply to any brand, really, so stay open-minded and creative! Oh, and don’t miss out on last month’s Tea & Trends 

Now let’s get into it before your brew goes cold – here’s everything you need to know from May 2022. 

1. Elon pulls his Trump card: May unban ex-president Trump from Twitter…

Remember how Elon Musk is attempting to buy Twitter in the name of “free speech” and we weren’t quite sure what would happen next? Well, here’s one thing…

If everything goes through as planned, Musk is saying that he will allow ex-President Trump back to the platform, previously banned for spreading misinformation and hate. He says:

I would reverse the permanent ban. I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump. I think that was a mistake. It alienated the country and did not result in Donald Trump not having a voice. I think it was a morally bad decision and foolish in the extreme.”

If this goes ahead, it’s likely that the majority of Twitter will be unhappy and this could see the future success of the platform in question before any changes have been made. Once again, one to keep an eye on over the next couple of months.

How to make these work for your pub or restaurant:

Well, nothing’s more relatable than a joke at Musk or Trump’s expense, so keep an eye out for opportunities to poke fun at the situation.

Even something as simple as, “Trump’s coming back to Twitter… Need a drink? ” is enough to get you in front of people and get them thinking about their local.

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2. WhatsApp Communities grow: Create groups of up to 512 people.

As WhatsApp Communities start to roll out, you can now add up to 512 people to a single group chat. Although that sounds like an introvert’s idea of hell, it could be useful for brands and businesses for creating direct contact with customers, whether getting feedback on new products and services or creating an inside community of loyal brand ambassadors.

How to make it work for your pub or restaurant:

There’s nothing more exclusive than a group chat, even if 512 people isn’t quite the same level as the family WhatsApp group. This could be incorporated into a loyalty scheme where regulars get first access to offers and events – simply by sending them a WhatsApp message with the information before anyone else.

3. TikTok launches LIVE Subscriptions.

To help live-streamers generate revenue through TikTok live-streams—keeping them on the platform for longer, naturally—TikTok is launching subscriptions for TikTok LIVE. This means that TikTok-ers can share exclusive streams with a paying audience.

TikTok explained their reasoning behind this new LIVE subscription:

LIVE Subscription is an extension of our efforts to build diversified creator monetization opportunities that suit a range of creator needs. LIVE Subscription gives creators the opportunity to increase their earnings while continuing to grow their community and also provides engaged communities an opportunity to thank their favorite creators on a regular basis.

In addition to VIP stream access, users paying the subscription will also have:

  • Subscriber Badges: Badges on their personal profile that show their exclusive access and can be upgraded.
  • Custom Emotes: Creator-designed emotes for use during LIVE session.
  • Subscriber-Only Chat: A TikTok chat during LIVE streams that only those who have subscribed can use, creating more personal connections with the creator.

How to make it work for your pub or restaurant:

Well, that all depends on whether you’re creating TikTok content for your pub or restaurant. If you already have a loyal following and consistent, engaging content, you may be able to make extra revenue with exclusive TikTok LIVE streams that your viewers have paid to see.

Keep in mind that these streams need to give these viewers something that they won’t see or experience on your main TikTok feed, otherwise there’s no reason for them to subscribe.

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4. New reports: Most-used tools by digital marketing professionals.

A recent report has shared the most-used tools in the digital marketing industry, showing the top tools by type of marketing skill:

  • Social Media: Useful for planning and scheduling your social posts.
  • Email marketing: Campaign Monitor. For setting up, sending, and reporting on your brand emails.
  • Design: Used for creating your own designs and templates – easy for anyone to use!
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Keywords Everywhere. A browser plug-in that allows you to see what other keywords and phrases are related to a search you make, showing words and phrases you could include to increase website visitors.
  • Data analytics: Google Analytics. A tool that shows you all the details of your website, including website visitors, most-viewed pages, actions (such as menu downloads or table bookings), and so much more. Invaluable.

This might be useful if you’re wondering where you should be looking to increase your skills or efficiency in any of these areas. For all the other most-used tools in the industry, including getting insight into what digital marketing professionals want to focus on next, read the full article.

How to make it work for your pub or restaurant:

Click find out more below and explore the best tools in the industry. Of course, if you get overwhelmed by all the options, or simply don’t have the time, we’re right here to collaborate on pub and restaurant marketing strategies and execution.

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5. 56% of pub-goers say they’ll visit pub once a week over next 12 months.

Isn’t that just music to your ears? After the past two years of being trapped at home without the comfort of their local, UK pub-goers are more than ready to get back to the pub.

In fact, a recent report, entitled “The Return of the Pub” report, showed that “pub-goers are increasingly looking for an experience that they can’t get at home,” increasing from 63% in 2019 to 78% in 2022.

Additionally, this report shows “a clear trend towards local and community pubs over town or city-centre pubs, and independents over chains,” with a desire for pubs that also serve food.

How to make it work for your pub or restaurant:

Luckily, this is already what you’re doing! Create an atmosphere worth coming in for with good food and drink, service with a smile, and making the most of any extras you can offer, from beer gardens to live events.

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Dates to keep in mind for June marketing!

28th May–5th June: Whitsun Week
2-3 June: Queen’s Jubilee Weekend
3rd June: National Fish & Chips Day
8th June: Best Friends Day
10th June: World Gin Day
11th June: Official Queen’s Birthday
15th June: National Beer Day
19th June: Father’s Day

Planning your June 2022 marketing: What should you focus on now?

Effective marketing is all about planning ahead, so where should your mind be as we head into June? Well, here’s what we’re starting to think about now:

  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: A 4-day weekend in Britain? You know people are heading to their local pub for that, and remember… pubs will be allowed to stay open until 1am over this weekend. Make sure people know you’re nearby for celebrating.
  • Father’s Day 2022: This big family occasion is on Sunday 19th June, and there’s nothing Dad loves more than the pub. If you haven’t been talking about this occasion in your social media, email marketing, local search ads, now’s the time.
  • Local summer events: Keep an eye on these as the summer gets closes and see if anything new pops up. See if they have Facebook groups you can join and send an exclusive offer that event-goers can make the most of if they decide to pop in.
  • Christmas 2022: It sounds crazy, but the biggest pub and restaurants brands in the UK are already discussing Christmas, even creating Christmas-related holding pages until details and menus have been decided. To capture any early Christmas bookers in your area, make sure you have a Christmas page on your website – even if it remains hidden from the navigation bar until we’re closer to the season.

Finish your brew…

That’s all for this month, but we’ll be back again at the end of June for another Tea & Trends, keeping you at the forefront of digital, from brand websites to social media innovation and everything in-between.

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