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The experience of CX Elevated 2018

Date 18.05.2018

We just can’t stop jet-setting lately, flying from one big marketing event to another… Okay, so the latest event was just down the road at Aston University Business School, but you get the idea.

InMoment’s CX Elevated 2018 was a slick affair, combining their latest tools into customer experience insights with some of the greatest minds in the industry – and possibly also the greatest goody bags in the industry, too…

The event spanned across two days and four of us were lucky enough to attend.

Here are our favourite moments.

Ryan Noble – Digital content marketing manager

“Seeing data turn into real-life intelligence and actions was pretty mindblowing.”

One talk at the main stage saw InMoment digging into the data and gave a real-life retail example, showing just how much impact customer experience insights can have on the offline experiences that your brand can provide.

With one of their partnered retail brands, the InMoment team discovered that there was a trend of negative customer experiences when it came to till service and speed. At a glance, you might assume that this was because there weren’t enough employees, but there was more to it…

The team dug a little deeper, right down to the specific comments being left by customers, and a new trend appeared. It seemed that there were enough staff members, but that they weren’t trained in more complex interactions, such as refunds and exchanges. This meant that customers were waiting longer than they should have been, giving them a negative overall experience and memory of the brand.

Using the insights given by InMoment’s tools, these employees could be trained to deal with any sort of procedure and the brand saw customer experience improve. Real-life improvements, driven by digital data. I love it.

Steph Wetton – Email campaign manager

“I loved the idea of a brand promise.”

A brand promise means having an experience that everyone, internally and externally, understands. This is noticed, and evaluated, at every touch point of your brand – from your emails and social media channels, to your website and offline presence, if you have one.

For example, First Direct’s brand promise is to be the bank that is leading the way for other banks. And this is something they prove time and time again, starting with the first mobile banking app in the industry and moving onto 24/7 customer service. Each is an effort to create the best customer experience by sticking to their promises as a brand. It’s easy to see, and just as easy to believe.

Karen Hall – Consultant

“With Sir Clive Woodward’s ‘DNA of a champion’, we can all win the Rugby World Cup.”

We all know that Sir Clive Woodward’s achievements are impressive, but what we didn’t know is that his methods for training up a team of rugby players could be so smoothly transitioned over to brands and their employees.

His method is called the ‘DNA of a Champion’, and it goes a little like this:

Talent alone is not enough.

Having talent may get you onto the team, but it won’t keep you there, and it definitely won’t make you a champion. As well as natural ability, you also need three things:

  1. Teachability; the desire to be a ‘sponge’ and absorb as much knowledge as possible to improve at your craft.
  2. The ability to react under pressure; practise every possible scenario within your team so that every situation has a plan of action, even when timing is everything.
  3. The will to be the best; you can only be a champion if you want to be a champion, if you love your craft and want to take your talent from innate to honed.

And if Sir Clive’s talk wasn’t inspiring enough, we’re sure his book, Winning! – signed and waiting by the door as we left – really will be.

Matthew Bowell – Head of client services and operations

“Did you get a goody bag? Blimey.”

As the leaders of customer experience, it’s no surprise that even InMoment’s goody bag was worth remembering. Hiding inside the branded bag was a branded pen, notebook, and even a surprisingly generous Google Home Mini. In case you were wondering, that’s a positive customer experience.

Putting the Goody bag to one side for just a minute, it was also great to get insight from ‘real people’ as a panel of everyday people were brought to the stage to be questioned on their habits and opinions, providing real-world examples of customer experience.

CX Elevated 2018 was an incredibly memorable couple of days for all of us and you don’t have to dig too far into the data to see that. Thanks again, InMoment team.

Also, in case you missed it, we’ve also written up a few tips and tricks from our time at BrightonSEO, whether you’re feeling in the mood for 5 SEO-optimised tips or 3 technical takeaways, we’ve got something for you… If anything you read piques your fancy, give us a call to chat through – we’ll get the kettle on.

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