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The Wonderful Women of Brew!

Date 07.03.2023

We have a fantastic group of professional women working here at Brew, and while we love to recognise all the amazing things they do for us, we also wanted to take this opportunity on International Women’s Day to recognise the exciting things they do outside of the office. We have quite a talented bunch so grab a brew and read just a few stories from our fabulous female workforce that stood out to us.

Karen – Digital Strategy Consultant

What is your passion/interest?

Passion has to be cycling – all forms.

What do you enjoy about it the most/ what got you into it?

I have always cycled from being a small kid. Love the simplicity of it, how sociable it is, you can challenge yourself, great for the environment, great exercise. Even don’t mind rain and hills – makes me happy.

Sophie – Account Director – SEO specialist

What is your passion/interest?

I’m a very typical millennial mum. Outside of caring for my 4-year-old and 1-year-old, I love vegan cooking and I’m passionate about animal adoption, so I like to try and bang that drum also.

What do you enjoy about it the most/ what got you into it?

Being vegan started out as cutting out animal products just for lent (although I’ve always been veggie), and then Veganuary once that became a thing. One Veganuary me and my husband decided we were going to try and stay vegan for longer, and 7 years later here we are.

Amanda – Account Director

What is your passion/interest?


What do you enjoy about it the most/ what got you into it?

You get totally absorbed in it and there’s a real satisfaction when you create something that you’re proud of. I got into it during lockdown as a way of finding time for myself away from home schooling / being stuck at home and avoiding chores!

Natelle – Product Manager

What is your passion/interest?

Fashion of course!

What do you enjoy about it the most/ what got you into it?

I LOVE being creative and seeing my ideas become a reality. Always has a passion for fashion as they say… It’s challenging but I get excited about being able to overcome challenges. I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll make any new clothes that I want/need which involves a lot of forward planning, but I’m going strong so far!

Julie – Lead Engagement Specialist

What is your passion/interest?

I have several interests: horses, most sports (especially F1) & keeping up with the kids even though they’re 35, 29, 23, 18 & 14. That’s why gin also features heavily as a passion…

Coming from a farming background I have always enjoyed being around animals, especially horses. Growing up with 3 brothers has meant all sports have featured heavily from my teenage years through to my own children competing in (to name but a few!) swimming, rugby, football, cricket through to horse riding.

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