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Top 5 Reel ideas for 2023

Date 06.06.2023

With TikTok and Instagram going head-to-head in their bid to be the leading social platform, video content is a trend that’s going nowhere in 2023. If you haven’t yet become comfortable with creating Reels and recording videos, then now is the time to get started.

The good news is that users are craving short-form video content and all that’s needed is a smartphone and some simple ideas to start increasing engagement and getting your business seen.

Here’s 5 Reel ideas that won’t take too much time but are guaranteed to get your followers sticking around to see what you’re going to come up with next!

POV Reels

Point-of-view videos are hugely popular on Instagram and Facebook, as followers are seeing a situation from an angle that they’ve never considered before. Imagine a Friday-night POV from a bartender or watching a photoshoot taking place from the angle of the photographer. It places the viewer at the centre of the action, and you can make it funny, informative or emotional depending on the subject matter.

Consider these ideas:

  • POV of staff getting their restaurant ready for Christmas
  • POV of a beach clean-up to highlight environmental issues
  • POV of a customer in your business
  • POV of a customer using one of your products for the first time

Timelapse videos

A timelapse video is super easy to set-up and again gives your followers an overview of life in your business over the course of a day or busy period. It’s a behind-the-scenes peek in a few seconds of time and can show how hard you work to offer the service that you do.

Set up your phone in a safe setting that shows an overview of your business and decide how long you want it to record. Then go about your everyday activities, edit the final video down if you feel it lacks energy at certain points and reveal a day in your life.

Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Timelapse of an exercise class
  • Timelapse of a workshop you offer like cocktail-making or cooking
  • Timelapse of a beer garden on a busy summer day
  • Timelapse of you making a product or piece of artwork


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Answer FAQs

People love to put a face to a business, so be sure to get your team involved when creating video content. A simple idea is to record a short video answering some frequently asked questions. If people often leave the same queries on your social media profile, then make a simple recording (in the setting of your business) where you address those questions. Save it to your highlights so that when they are asked again, you can point people in the direction of the video.

Think about covering off:

  • Pricing
  • Opening hours
  • Booking process
  • History of your business


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User-generated content

In 2023, customers are much savvier about the process of marketing and are more likely to trust the genuine experiences of others over what a business is choosing to tell them. If you have permission to use content from influencers or videos and pictures from people who frequent your business, then don’t be afraid to share, share, share.

You can even create a Reel from this content, showing a few seconds of static imagery, comments, text and video if you have it from people who have tagged you previously. Be sure to tag them in the Reel and it’s likely they will share again, increasing your reach and giving your followers growing confidence in your service and products.

Please ensure you have explicit permission to use any content from 3rd parties before you hit publish!

How-to videos

Give your followers added value with a ‘how to’ Reel, showing them how they can re-create something in their own home. Some examples might be how to style a piece of clothing you sell or how to create a restaurant-quality table setting. Of course, you don’t want to give too much away that it affects your business but a how-to will only serve to subliminally increase desire for your product of service.

Here’s some ideas you may want to try:

  • Share a cocktail recipe from your selection
  • Demonstrate how to correctly use a product you offer
  • Demonstrate how you create a distinctive chalkboard menu everyday
  • Record a how-to of beautiful food styling


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