A hospitality social media playbook


Carlsberg Group needed a Social Media Playbook to guide their corporate communication teams across global markets.


"After hearing about our great work with Carlsberg UK, the Carlsberg team in Copenhagen reached out to us for assistance in creating a Social Media Playbook to guide their corporate communication teams across global markets.

Simultaneously, we were creating a similar playbook for the University of Birmingham. However, this guide needed to support all stakeholders involved in social media communications throughout the university."


"We created a guide that moved away from the norm of social dos and don'ts for something more strategic. It defined the role of social within their corporate communications strategy, laid out a clear channel strategy, considered target audience and content objectives, and supported a measure-and-learn approach.

Following the creation of this Playbook, we supported the Carlsberg team on a series of training programmes to put the guide into action worldwide. We also provided extra support to the University of Birmingham to ensure consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness in translating the university's reputation and expertise on social media."


"The Social Media Playbook was so successful for the University of Birmingham that the team moved more of its external communication strategy to social media. That’s what we call success.

As for the Carlsberg Group, our guide is being used to support and empower its global social media communications. Cheers to that!"

What our clients say

Sam Wainwright
Sam Wainwright
Brands, PR & Sustainability at Carlsberg Group

Together with Brew we built a social media playbook to support colleagues managing corporate social in our markets around the world with basic strategy. The collaboration was practical and efficient – with the output being a training module with a modular playbook for local adaptation – striking the balance between showcasing best practice, establishing global consistency and allowing for local differences.

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