20 TikTok ideas for restaurants

TikTok users spend an average of 27 hours every month on the platform, while time spent on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is declining. Hospitality brands have started taking advantage of this trend by using TikTok to showcase staff, menus, customers, and even visiting furry friends.

If you want to connect with customers in a new and creative way, here are 20 TikTok ideas to kick-start your content plan.

  1. Showcase behind-the-scenes footage of your restaurant's kitchen and prep process.
  2. Highlight your restaurant's unique atmosphere and decor by capturing a walkthrough or asking a staff member to 'show' everyone around.
  3. Share a 'POV' video (point of view) - these are used to highlight or explain something from the staff member's perspective and are usually tongue-in-cheek.
  4. Share footage of your restaurant's speciality dishes being prepared and cooked.
  5. Run a contest where customers can create and share a TikTok video featuring your restaurant's food (don't forget to ask entrants to tag you in their content).
  6. Video one of the bartenders whipping up a signature cocktail or drink special.
  7. Show different team members attempting to be the fastest/best at a regular task, like prepping a salad or mixing a Pornstar Martini.
  8. Highlight your restaurant's farm-to-table ingredients and partnerships with local suppliers.
  9. Share footage of your restaurant's live entertainment and events to show customers what they're missing.
  10. Run a 'menu item of the week' series where you do a show and tell of a different dish/drink each week.
  11. Highlight your restaurant's vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options.
  12. Share footage of your restaurant's outdoor seating area and views to entice people to visit (this is the perfect video to publish in summer).
  13. Run a promotion where customers can win a free meal or discount by sharing a TikTok video review about your restaurant.
  14. Share tips and tricks for making your restaurant's dishes at home.
  15. Highlight your restaurant's happy hour specials and deals.
  16. Run a 'meet the chef' series where customers can learn more about the chef and their cooking style.
  17. Share footage of your restaurant's food delivery and takeout options.
  18. Show your audience how eco-friendly you are and what you're doing to become more sustainable.
  19. Share footage of your restaurant's history and founding story.
  20. Record a timelapse of a typical day of service.

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