Bringing TYDE customers a digital one stop shop for all things plumbing

01 Challenge

Thomas Dudley ltd. has been a leading UK manufacturer of bathroom products since 1920. In order to build a one-stop-shop for their Dudley, Epson, and Beta ranges, they created TYDE.

This brand-new TYDE website was an opportunity to transform the traditional Thomas Dudley associations into a modern, dynamic, and innovative brand. This included a full brand refresh and website that needed to contain 700+ products.

02 Approach

To get a better understanding of the needs and wants of TYDE and their customers, we led a workshop with key stakeholders to look at audience personas, design elements, and brand positioning. From here we could create a clear timeline of the project and begin producing website prototypes for the TYDE team to preview how the finished site would work and suggest any amends before the full-scale website build began.

The website was built using JAMStack, our new technical platform, taking our website builds to the next level with fast loading times, enhanced performance, and improved security.

We were then able to integrate their extensive product range, ensuring every product had its own page with high-quality imagery to support and progress the user’s experience and journey through the website, from discovery to purchase.

This was one of our more complex website development projects, including our experts from development, design, content, and account handling. We collaborated and created another website at its digital best, completely refreshing the TYDE brand and ecommerce website, giving people a smooth experience: One order. One invoice. One delivery.

03 Outcome

The website launched in May 2021 and has been changing the tide of traffic towards the new TYDE brand. In the six weeks that followed the launch of the website, compared to the six weeks prior, not only did they have a 687% increase in website users, but they also saw:

+62% of all traffic coming from organic search.

-45% visitor bounce rate.

Visitors spend x9 longer on the website.

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