The creation of a new online brand for Snowdonia

01 Challenge

Snowdonia Attractions was rebranding and launching a new tourism product called S360, which focused on a tourism route encompassing all 30 attractions. The objectives were to create stronger, more effective marketing, better connection of the member attractions and a means of promoting the area as an all year-round destination. The tool to do this was through the creation of a high quality tourism website, providing tourists with a clear route, providing a great mix of itineraries to follow. To ultimately take the stress away from planning a visitor’s journey….and to inspire the visitor before they arrive through standout content, images and video.

02 Approach

We wanted to totally reincarnate the brand through a compelling design route that would tick all the boxes. This step-change in design output was achieved by an incredibly involved process. As a team we experienced the area, spoke at length to the team about their requirements and then immersed ourselves into the brand through face-to-face meetings and workshops.

We extracted the information we needed to create a design route fitting of their vision as well as the UX and site structure needed to optimise audience journeys. We then presented these using a prototype process which allowed the team to not only visualise the designs but engage and interact with them like it was a website environment. Any feedback could then be applied easily before the website went to build stage.

The website itself was built using progressive technology – this included a headless CMS using Gatsby technology in the frontend which ensured instant loading of the website and incredible power in Google search. The technology stack enabled us to integrate best-in-class third party functionality such as itinerary builders, whilst still using the known, user-friendly platform of a WordPress CMS.

Once approved the build was straightforward with a series of sprints used to keep in close contact as the website was created, carrying the client through the build in real-time. The end product was something that looked fantastic and was incredibly functional.

03 Outcome

With the world a little topsy turvy right now, whilst the website is live and looking fab, we’re looking forward to seeing the true benefit over the next year.

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