Pulling off the perfect Christmas influencer event

01 Challenge

Miller & Carter asked us to create a social media campaign to drive awareness of their Christmas offering and exquisite ‘Christmas with added luxury’ position on the holidays.

02 Approach

Before we even started, we assessed the brand objectives, pitched ideas, created branding mood-boards – the works. Once the foundations for this unique campaign had been built, we drew on the success we’ve had with lifestyle influencers – both micro and macro – and invited them to an exclusive Miller & Carter evening of festivities, with added luxury.

As a team, collaborating with M&C and Freixenet, we stepped outside digital and hosted this event at the beautiful, church-converted restaurant in Muswell Hill, showcasing their festive food, drinks, expertise, and their overall one-of-a-kind Christmas experience.

03 Outcome

We had 5 micro influencers and 6 macro influencers in attendance at the event and received 2 vlog posts, 1 blog, 28 Instagram posts and 108 Instagram story mentions. Overall the event had a combined total audience of 1,068,413, and we received over 80,000 Instagram story views, a reach of almost 200,000 through Instagram posts and almost 30,000 engagements on Instagram posts.

80,000 Story views

1,068,413 Total audience

200,000 reach

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