Reigniting Miller & Carter's Social Media

01 Challenge

As the agency behind Miller & Carter’s social media channels, heading into the unprecedented pandemic was a new experience for all of us. With the premium brand’s restaurants closed and their succulent steaks on ice for the foreseeable, we moved to a content strategy of simply “keeping the lights on.” But then, there was an end in sight…

As the end of lockdown drew closer, we began to strategise how to re-engage diners and entice them back into Miller & Carter restaurants in a time of uncertainty.

02 Approach

Social media strategy workshop

To really get under the skin of what Miller & Carter’s audience wanted from the brand’s social, we ran a deep-dive collaborative workshop that covered: 

  • Current performance and observations 
  • Refresh of channels by audience, objectives, and tactics 
  • In-depth discussion around audience personas 
  • Tone of voice updates to better reflect these personas 
  • So much more…  

To discover every step in our social media strategy creation, we’d recommend getting in touch to join us for one of your very own. 

Building a brand that influences with storytelling

Stories are powerful, so we wanted Miller & Carter to embrace this power with social media content that could tap into emotions, increase retention, and influence behaviour.​ 

This meant a subtle transformation to the brand’s tone of voice, using more emotive language and taking followers on a journey with a variety of content and tactics.  

Our key recommendations included: 

  • Increase reach and audience: Shift focus to Stories and Reels 
  • Improve brand sentiment and loyalty: Move to a proactive outreach strategy 
  • Complement storytelling & existing assets: Build a bank of user-generated content (UGC) with content creation photoshoot days 
  • Increase engagement: Continue to grow our UGC content 
  • Find & engage our large audience: Tap into local social media pages 

Embrace new trends and features

To work smarter, not harder, we jumped onto new trends and features as they appeared, allowing the platform and naturally growing conversation to increase reach and engagement. 

This included shifting our focus to Stories and Reels, which Instagram has been promoting more heavily on their platforms, alongside adding trending audios, a recently new feature that allows users to add music to posts and was also favoured by the platform’s algorithm. 

Leaning into local social media

In order to reach their audience in a more hyper-targeted, location-specific way, we turned to local Miller & Carter restaurants, including their general managers and social-loving team members. Across multiple training sessions, we taught them how to: 

  • Create Instagram Reels for their audiences 
  • Post content that the algorithm will like, therefore showing it to more people 
  • Jump onto trends that are relevant to Miller & Carter 
  • Recognise opportunities for local social content and paid social support 
  • Create reactive strategies and content for unexpected moments 

Of course, there was much more in these training sessions, with over 200+ slides of expertise and strategic guidance, but you’ll have to get in touch for one of your own…

360-degree social media marketing strategy

When the finished product was dished up, we had worked closely with the brand team to create a 360-degree social media marketing strategy that included organic and paid content, content boosting and paid advertising, upskilling of local sites, growing relationships with on-brand content creators, an increase of authentic UGC from our audience, and so much more. 

03 Outcome

We’ll let the numbers tell the rest of this story, showing the true success of this holistic social media strategy: 

  • FY22 social content was seen over 48 million times on Facebook & Instagram 
  • FY22 key stats: 
    • +663% impressions​ 
    • +482% engagements​ 
    • +1,353% link clicks​ 
  • +22.9% Instagram followers 
  • A 5.1% reduction in negative sentiment (all thanks to emotive storytelling) 

Reignite your social media strategy

If everything you’ve just read sounds as tempting as something from a Miller & Carter menu, it might be time we helped you with your social media strategy. 

It’s as simple as sending us a message and watching as we guide you to your digital best.

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