A toolkit for social success

01 Challenge

After hearing about some of our great work with Carlsberg UK, we were contacted by Carlsberg Group, based in Copenhagen. They needed support with the creation of a Social Media Playbook to guide their corporate communication teams across global markets.

Around the same time, we were creating something just as important for the University of Birmingham, giving their teams the guidance they needed to be successful on social.


University of Birmingham / Carlsberg Group

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02 Approach

We created a guide that moved away from the norm of social dos and don’ts for something more strategic and focused, putting the power in their hands:

  • Defining the role of social media within their overall corporate communications strategy
  • Laying out a succinct and clear channel strategy
  • Finding the role of content – giving consideration specifically to their target audience and content aim (awareness, engagement, or advocacy)
  • Supporting a measure-and-learn approach to their social strategy
  • Building their go-to toolkit, giving them the confidence to take social to the next level

Following the creation of this Playbook, we supported Sam Wainwright, Digital Media & Sustainability Manager for Carlsberg Group, on a series of training programmes to put this guide into action all over the world. Here, we covered:

  1. Definition of clear roles and responsibilities between departments
  2. Overview of overall social media compliance in our communications (commercial, corporate etc.)
  3. A framework for risk and crisis management
  4. A structured process for how to handle social media from beginning to end

The social media guide also had an additional purpose for University of Birmingham as it needed to support ALL stakeholders (approx. 60 people) working on social media communications throughout the university. Extra support was provided to ensure consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness in translating the reputation and expertise of University of Birmingham on social media.

03 Outcome

For University of Birmingham, the Social Media Playbook was so successful that the University of Birmingham team have moved more of their external communication strategy over to social media. That’s what we call success.

As for Carlsberg Group, our guide is being used to support and empower their global social media communications. Cheers to that.

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