Get Customer Loyalty in the Bag

01 Challenge

InMoment are a global B2B organisation, specialising in obtaining customer experience data via a suite of advanced tools and techniques. We were tasked with generating leads specifically from the retail industry for their sales team to nurture.

In order to take these leads through from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads, a stringent criterion was put in place to increase the quality of the leads. It became apparent through discussion with the client and our knowledge of the worth of a lead, that the focus was really on quality over quantity.

We were given a list of companies that the client wanted to generate leads from and this was the basis of our targeting campaign.

The Facebook creative asset

02 Approach

The client supplied a specialist customer experience report for the retail industry and we used this as our gated content. We created a landing page for this, but also made this easily downloadable directly from LinkedIn via a lead gen form. Once details had been given, a report would download immediately and we would send a report download link to the email address given.

We started out using Facebook and LinkedIn as our chosen platforms for lead generation. Through testing creative, we found people-focussed creative delivered better results over an image which featured a branded shopping bag, so we switched off our A/B split test after a couple of weeks, applying all media spend to the winning creative asset.

It became apparent that although Facebook delivered a good number of leads, the quality was not as good as LinkedIn. After a testing phase, we turned off Facebook and realigned the media spend solely to LinkedIn.

Through being hyper-targeted, we outlined the companies we wanted to reach and applied a seniority threshold to ensure we were not only speaking to the right companies, but the right people within those companies; the experts in customer experience with the power to make decisions.

Our A/B split test showed that our creative with people rather than objects worked best

03 Outcome

Our campaign delivered 69 leads, which provided the sales team with lots of sales qualified leads they were able to continue the conversation with via their internal nurture process. The success of the campaign has led to the future vertical-led lead generation campaigns being planned for next year.

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