A brand-new website that practices what we preach

01 Challenge

To show off our new-and-improved agency, Brew, with a high-performing website at the forefront of website development. It needed to be secure, accessible, scalable, and deliver on key marketing objects to drive Brew into the future.

New and improved website for Brew

02 Approach

We developed a website that would give us the best of both worlds, demonstrating our technical capabilities with the latest technology and giving us a sleek, accessible website for our marketing team to publish content.

Combining Gatsby as our web platform with WordPress as our CMS means we’ve landed on a fast, secure website that’s easy for all to use – and it’s nice to look at, too!

Highlights of the blend behind the Brew website:

Gatsby front-end: Super-fast loading speeds and improved user experience.

WordPress back-end: Full content management with a page-builder that allows dynamic pages to be created easily on the front-end.

Structured data on all data objects: Greatly improves SEO rankings.

CRM/mailing list integration with form submissions: Keeping our list of subscribers organised and engaged.

Streamlined and optimised page structure and content: Google loves it. So do we.

03 Outcome

In the first 6 months…

500% increase in quality leads via the website.

40% of new business queries coming from the website.

Consistent page load speed between 90-100 – Google is happy...

Like what you see?

We’re not selfish here at Brew. We’ve also shared our Gatsby know-how with our early-adopter clients as well. Check out this great case study from global film production company Storyman.

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