The creation of a new online brand for Bateman’s

01 Challenge

Batemans Brewery has been bringing craft beers and pubs with a human touch to the masses since 1874. In 2017 we were retained to build a website and email marketing stack for Batemans. The scope of the Batemans project included an entire brand makeover followed by the design and build of a platform for their managed pubs, their corporate website, and some of their associated businesses. It was our job to make sure their family-run charm continues to reach people for generations to come, increasing their digital presence with new branding, audience-focused websites, marketing automation, and social media strategy.

02 Approach

We took the time to understand the needs of Batemans Brewery and their key audiences – potential pub tenants and pubs looking to buy craft beer – and we were able to find the digital solutions to their age-old question:

How do we share our message with the right people at the right time in the right way?

Our expertise was used in a few different areas, from website ecommerce and branding to multi-site solutions, targeted email automation, and social media content that would keep their brand and their beers in mind and highlight the family history behind it all.

03 Outcome

Incremental growth of website visitors up 25% year-on-year with a specific focus on new users up 30% year-on-year. Key pages enjoyed increased visits including Batemans Beer page, Run a Pub and the Visitor Centre which was up 36% year-on-year.

Marketing channels were used effectively to drive new users to the website including social media, email and referral traffic which averaged an increase of 100% year-on-year.

On top of this the internal team were setup and trained to run the website and email platform which has run effectively since handover. On top of this training was provided in key areas such as writing for online, hot to write a brief.

An exercise in encouraging increased reviews was a success as well as the installation of a cost effective online booking and ticketing system for their brewery tours and events

Total website visitors

Total new website users

Traffic driven key marketing channels

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