CE is no more. Fancy a Brew?

01 Challenge

We needed a hard refresh. It’s been 10 years since we stepped into the world of digital marketing as Connecting Element and things have changed. The industry has transformed dramatically in that time, and so have we, crafting a small, unique team of digital experts.

It was time to become something new. An agency that looks how it feels, confident in who we are and the quality work we do every day.

We’re keeping our substance and changing our perception.

02 Approach

Re-branding an agency from the ground-up required expertise from every corner of the agency.

Understanding our ‘why’

Following the path we’d take with a new brand, we began to look inwards, not just thinking about what we do and how we do it, but also why we do it. For this, we use the ‘Golden Circle’. We want everyone to be at their digital best.

Creating our new look and feel

We wanted to strip our style back to basics. Now that we know who we are, we want to show this off in a clear, confident way. A minimal colour palette used to draw the eye and drive action.

Landing on our new logo

A new logo to capture everything we’ve become.

Trying out a new tone of voice

Distilling how we feel into how we sound. Expertise with approachability. Digital thoughts with substance. People first, customer second.

Finding our mission

We want to help everyone to become their digital best. Digital is for everyone, and we’re looking to boost the industry and the people we work with. Sharing knowledge means sharing success.

Taking our hard-refresh to Digbeth

Celebrating our people and everything Brew with an internal launch event in Digbeth. Influential speakers, gaming tournaments, merch reveals, and so much more.

Grab a drink and follow us on the journey of becoming Brew.

03 Outcome

We’ve entered a new era for our digital marketing agency, ready to face the next decade with a clean, modern look, a defined sense of who we are, and a confidence in our expertise.

It’s our mission to help people and brands become their digital best.

Like what you see?

Feeling like it might be time to freshen up your brand? Bringing together all areas of our expertise – from digital marketing strategy and design to content marketing, SEO, and web development – we can show you how to create the new ‘you’.