Reinvigorating a London-based charity with a new website

01 Challenge

The Jack Petchey Foundation needed help. They were doing amazing work with 11-25-year olds in London and Essex, truly making a difference to youth with their charitable initiatives. But their website had become hard to navigate and wasn’t delivering on their objectives for priority audiences.

02 Approach

We collaborated with The Foundation from the ground up, getting under the skin of current website performance, team and organisation priorities, and how they wanted key audiences to flow through the website to their end goal.

It all started with a trip to West India Quay to meet the team…

Finding their style

Making heroes of core audiences

New vision working outside the website

Reducing homepage overload

Mobile savvy mega navigation

03 Outcome

The Jack Petchey Foundation now has a simplified, impactful, and youthful website that drives key audiences towards their goals. We also put the power back in the hands of their team with a Content Management System that allows them to create and publish their own content.

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