Launching Workshop Pro’s new brand website

01 Challenge

Workshop Pro—part of the Alliance Automotive Group (AAG)—were selling their products using a paper catalogue that featured 13 different categories of over 400 garage equipment products. Can you imagine how difficult it was to keep a paper catalogue updated with new products? It was time to go digital.

The brand also wanted to integrate new training services into the website, meaning they could create the complete package for their customers, enhancing garages and workshops worldwide with cutting-edge garage equipment and expert-led training.

02 Approach


Our solution was to build Workshop Pro a brand-new website that could host their entire product portfolio, giving customers the ability to find exactly what they needed in moments from anywhere in the world. This was going to be a game changer.

To make this happen, we started from the very foundations of what the website needed to do and who it was helping, before sending it through several expert departments in our agency.

Workshopping with Workshop Pro

The process began with a workshop where we first identified:

  • The website’s priority audiences.
  • Mapped their journey through the website to reach their goal.
  • The style that key stakeholders had in mind for the final website.

We knew we were building this website from the ground up, so from here we also created a site map and style scape, ensuring that user experience (UX) was always at the forefront of what we were doing.

These were then presented using a series of prototypes, allowing the Workshop Pro team to interact with a test version of the website and get a sense of how the finished website would look. Alterations could then be made before the final build.

Building their website on brew.web

The website was then built on our bespoke website platform, brew.web, using our new technical stack, JAMStack.

JAMStack enables the front-end to work like it would with static HTML pages, but the back-end is now detached from the rest of the site and is only accessible through an API (application programming interface), which is basically a way to query data and content from the content management system (CMS).

What does this mean? Well, rather than everything sitting on the CMS, we separate the components out, which improves not only the website’s performance and security, but also its scalability and developer experience.

We then worked closely with the Workshop Pro team to integrate their internal systems, enabling their huge product range to be displayed on the website and any updates to be made possible in real-time. Didn’t we say it’d be game-changing?

Bringing in the experts

In addition to the client services, development, and design experts already working hard on the project up to this point, we also brought in our content and SEO experts, filling the website with action-driving copy that would bring new and existing customers to the website from their online searches.

By collaborating on every aspect of this project, we created a high-quality ecommerce website that relaunched the Workshop Pro brand online, getting their products in front of a wider audience and giving them the power to modernise their business strategy.

03 Outcome

By bringing Brew in as their partner in this website development project, the Workshop Pro team gained a new website at its digital best; one with customers and peak performance at its core.

This meant that the website saw increased traffic after just one week from launch. It won’t stop there, either… We’re also working with AAG on a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, with the goal of driving an increase of potential customers to the new Workshop Pro website.

Now Workshop Pro can offer customers not just the tools to complete their jobs, but also up-to-date knowledge and skills through their training programs, giving people the ability to keep up with the latest in their industry without waiting around for a paper catalogue to land on their doorstep.

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