Paid advertising

What is paid advertising?

If you’re spending time online, paid advertising is right there with you. It’s the advert that catches your eye when you search for a brand or product you’re interested in. It’s the banner you notice when you weren’t planning to buy anything. And, of course, it’s the product that follows you from page to page until you break down and make a purchase.

In summary, it’s the digital marketing strategy for keeping your brand at the front of mind.

Find out what paid advertising can do for you

Keyword research

Paid advertising couldn’t happen without our SEO experts, building the foundation of good advertising: keywords. Knowing what your audience are searching for – and the exact words and phrases they use – means you can be the brand that solves their problems first.

Competitor research

Before we dive straight into your own optimised paid advertising campaign, we also like to take a moment to see what your competitors are doing. Doing so means that we know how to make your brand stand out against all the other brands trying to do what you do.

Paid advertising plan

We’ll combine the foundation insights of traffic-driving keywords and competitor research into a bespoke paid advertising strategy that will tell you where to place your brand online in order to be seen and drive action.